He has shot the following features and series:

“BLACK ISLAND” (Spain--Belgium-Portugal, 1996). Dir. Cecilia Bartolomé.  It has been awarded in different Film Festivals including best cinematography in the Barcelona International Film Festival.

THE FABULOUS TALE OF DIEGO MARÍN"  (Spain, 1996). Dir. Fidel Cordero. It was premiered in the San Sebastian International Film Festival. It has been awarded in the Miami Latin Film Festival with the Jury Award.

“FIFTEEN” (Spain, 1997). Dir. Francisco Rodríguez.  

“ONE MAN’S HERO” (U.S.A.-Spain, 1999). Dir.: Lance Hool.  (2nd. Unit Cinematographer).

“FORT APACHE” (Spain, 2007). Dir. Jaume Mateu. 

“GLOW & DARKNESS” (International, 2021). (2nd. Unit Cinematographer).

In Europe and the U.S. he has worked as cinematographer of twenty five shorts and two featurettes, most of them awarded in different International Festivals, including some best photography mentions and also nominations and awards from the Spanish Film Academy.

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